Menu Efes Pizza Takeaway

When it comes to Efes Pizza our restaurant type is clearly in the name, we are a pizza takeaway. And our signature dishes are all mainly pizza, with the best variety of flavors for any pizza aficionado in town. And we do mean all the flavors, while classics like the salami and bacon pizzas are in our menu, our selection digs even deeper to offer you many flavors once iconic to Italy that have been lost to time. Have you tried a Formaggi pizza before? The selection of 4 different cheese types makes it so that each individual flavor gets boosted through cooking. While the Padrino pizza combines both salami and pepperoni to create slices that truly represents the spice of Italy. And of course, if you visit you can also try and be delighted by our other meals. If you want to stay on the Italian track then go for a Calzone, with 5 different options that include multiple types of meat and even a vegetarian option. Or opt to choose your own calzone, try our Calzone DIY and pick your 6 favorite fillings to make a meal that is truly your own.

About Efes Pizza Takeaway

When it comes to Efes Pizza Takeaway we had 2 main goals in mind, the first was to be able to provide our clients with quality meals at any time of the day. We wanted them to know that on any given day they could leave the cooking to us, and the eating to them. A fact that we accomplished by focusing on the takeaway aspect of our experience. As for the second goal, that was to bring back a lot of traditional flavors of pizza that aren’t commonly seen in most restaurants. While it's true that pizza became so popular in large part due to it's ease of making, it still has a long history and tradition behind it, and our menu brings that tradition right back to the 21st century.

Restaurant location Efes Pizza Takeaway

We are located in the York area, on Heslington Road, North Yorkshire, specifically we are located in 26 Heslington Road York YO10 5AT, this mostly places us in a university and school area, meaning roads tend to remain clear and with constant movement, making trips easy to plan. But if the time to come and visit is ever an issue for you, don’t forget that we also offer takeaway, both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, Efes Pizza, available both on Google Play and Apple's App Store. Order today and discover a whole new tradition of pizza right at your home.